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Connecticut health insurance coverage in 24 hours. This is an "A" rated company with coverage for any qualified applicant between the ages of 15 days and 64 years. Use Any Doctor or Any Hospital

Directions: Click on the quote button to the left and then select your state from the list of states. Answer a few simple questions and you will get quotes for all deductibles. You can apply for this plan directly online on a secure, encrypted site.

Connecticut health insurance can be expensive to purchase and difficult to obtain. Medical underwriting is very strict and can take a month or more. This plan is a complete major medical plan with a million dollars worth of coverage. The carrier is highly respected and maintains an A.M. Best rating of "A" (excellent).

To obtain this Connecticut temporary health insurance plan you only have to answer five simple questions. Essentially, if you have not been hospitalized in the last 12 months and do not suffer from a major illness, you should have no trouble qualifying.

Health insurance in Connecticut is now more affordable than ever before. The rates on this plan are fantastic and there are no networks. You can use any doctor and any hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions About Connecticut Temporary Health Insurance

Do these temporary Connecticut short term health insurance plans provide the same coverage as PPO or HMO plans?
Yes, these are major medical plans. The provide coverage in and out of a hospital. They are not just basic hospitalization plans. Once you meet your deductible and coinsurance they will pay for $1 million dollars of expenses.

What happens after I have the plan for six months?
After six months, if state law permits, you can renew the plan for another 6 months. However, you must qualify medically again

Why are these short-term insurance plans so much cheaper than PPO plans?
They do not have to pay a PPO network. The entire administrative structure is much simpler and less expensive to run. Plus, if you have a medical problem they will not renew the insurance. So, their liability is in six month chunks.

What about maternity coverage or prescriptions?
Short-term health insurance plans do not provide maternity coverage. We have an excellent prescription plan that is available separately. Click on this link for our prescription plan site.

What doctors and hospitals can I use?
Since there are no networks, you can use any doctor and any hospital.

Will this plan cover mammograms and pap smears?
Yes, after you meet your deductible.

What is this plans rated?
The plan is rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Will the plan cover me at work?
This Connecticut temporary health insurance plan provides 24 hour coverage.

Will I have coverage outside the country?
Foreign travel is only covered to a maximum of $25,000. However, this is $25,000 more than most other plans.

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